How do you find new sites for placing links if the suitable ones have already run out

If you have been receiving links from sites in your region for a long time, you are most likely already experiencing problems finding new trusted and unspammed sites.

The number of good sites is limited, so you must find all suitable ones using additional approaches.

Most often, SEO specialists analyze links leading to competitors’ websites. However, this strategy will not allow you to buy links from the most trusted and unsolicited sites that your competitors have not yet found. In addition, the method of analyzing competitors eventually exhausts its potential.

Therefore, a great way to find new sites for placing links is to parse all sites in the domain zones that suit you.

For example, your business is focused on Canada. Total in the domain zone .ca registered more than 3 million domains. We need domains that have been mentioned at least once by someone, i.e. they have links from other sites. We collect the database ourselves using parsing or buy a ready-made database on any suitable service, for example,

Now, the received domains need to be analyzed, and you will choose the most suitable ones with good characteristics. There are a lot of ways to do this. Next, I will tell you my method, which I use in such cases.

  1. We analyze domains in Majestic through the “Bulk Backlink Checker” (up to 2 million domains can be analyzed in 1 month on the average tariff plan when writing an article). Mass analysis via Majestic is cheaper than the same analysis via Ahrefs, so we use it for initial cleaning.
  2. We remove unsuitable sites from the database according to Majestic parameters (TF<8, RD<100)
  3. For domains that remain after the initial check through Majestic, we get data on Ahrefs (DR, RD). This can be done quickly via the API or URL Profiler Data, Netpeak Checker.
  4. We remove unsuitable sites from the database according to Ahrefs parameters (DR<15, RD<100, Linked_Domains/Ref_domains>1, Organic Traffic<5000)
  5. We carry out the remaining site checks to leave only the most effective potential sites from the point of view of SEO.

This way, we will find tens of thousands of suitable sites for placing links to your site, which will help you take the TOP 1 in Google and get more customers for your business.

What are your thoughts on this method of searching for sites to get backlinks? Write right now in the comments below!

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